The free guides I created during my daily adventures in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

This is for 85+

Buy some Potion of Treasure Finding.

Go to Hyjal Mount, and area, The Circle of Cinders, there are 2-3 quests there, ignore them. Just kill all the humans you see there. There are tons and they respawn fast. All the embersilk’s you needed are here…

  • At level 87, go speak to Anduin/Dezco at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit and complete “A Celestial Experience.”

  • Accept the follow-up quest, “A Witness to History.”
  • Find Anduin/Dezco at the big gate north of the Vale. This will start a cinematic that opens the gates.
  • Turn in “A Witness to History” to Zhi the Harmonious at the Golden Pagoda in the center of Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Accept and complete the follow-up quest, “The Shrine of Two Moons,” and “The Shrine of Seven Stars” (Horde/Alliance respectively).
  • If you’re not level 90 you’ll receive no further quests.
  • At level 90 you should return and pick up the quest chain again. Note that you must have trained flying to proceed.
  • Pick up “The Ruins of Guo-Lai” and complete it.
  • This leads to “Out with the Scouts” and “Barring Entry.”
  • This leads to “Killing the Quilen” and “Stones of Power.” While in the ruins, you should also get “The Guo-Lai Halls.” If you don’t get this quest near the entrance to the crypt, you can return to Anji Autumnlight to get this quest.
  • These 3 quests must be completed before you can complete “Leaving an Opening.”
  • Turn in “Leaving an Opening” at the Golden Pagoda, and this should lead straight into the dailies.
  • MMO Champion revealed the female draenei model in Warlords of Draenor here.

    Female Draenei Model in Warlords of Draenor

    Female Draenei Model in Warlords of Draenor

    Rogues are a melee dps class. In pve it’s all kind of the same, ranged hit the boss with missiles from far away and the melee punch his ankles. In pvp classes play hugely differently.

    How do I avoid taking over the tank’s role?
    You just hit the mobs. Just because you’re in melee range doesn’t mean you’re a tank. You should be standing behind mobs (not absolutely necessary but you are more likely to hit), hitting them just like a mage would only it’s backstabs instead of frostbolts.

    I can not use my stealthed attacks as I get a message “target is already in combat” or some such thing.
    You are trying to sap the mob. Sap is basically like a melee polymorph that can only be used on mobs that are not in combat (you can be in combat, though, but then you’d have to be a subtlety rogue above level 80 to shadow dance). In dungeons the most effective way to dps is to never use any stealth abilities (does not apply for subtlety). Just open with mutilate from stealth (which will be free because of shadow focus). Keep slice and dice up and otherwise just spam mutilate and envenom (you have eviscerate instead right now).

    You will get cheap shot and kidney shot, as well as garrote, blind, smoke bomb and stuff like that. If you need to (which you usually don’t in dungeons and can’t in raids because mobs are immune) you can effectively control a large number of mobs. Root one, stun two, blind one, gouge one, disarm one etc. Even though rogues play very differently from mages, they are built on much of the same playstyle. Lots of burst, avoiding being hit rather than tanking it, lots of control, very high requirements on reaction times and play to be good (a high skill floor is what this is called, and this part does not apply in most pve, though subtlety is a pretty challenging raid spec). Both classes also have hugely big potential and you won’t find yourself being limited by the class, rather you limiting the class a lot (again, mostly while soloing (challenging stuff when soloing then, not just derping 1 mob at a time) and pvp).

    In pvp, your job is to control and pick off good targets with huge burst. You’re not a warrior, not supposed to be running right into the fight and trying to kill everyone. At low levels, you don’t really have much, though, so you will mostly be relying on burst to kill people.

    The 3 specs play quite differently. Mutilate is the easiest spec in both pve and pvp. It has very good sustained damage in pvp (something the other specs lack, they rely purely on big burst) and is very straight forward. At 90, you will not be playing very differently to now. you use dispatch when you can (it’s an execute) and otherwise mutilate to gain combo points. You then keep up rupture with 5 points every time it falls off and apply slice and dice at the start of the fight with just a few points (envenom refreshes slice so you only have to do it once unless something goes horribly wrong – check out cut to the chase). When slice and dice and rupture are up, you’re just using envenom, trying to keep the buff from it up as much as possible.

    Combat is an extremely spiky spec in terms of damage output. Much like assassination, you are keeping slice up (though it isn’t automatically refreshed) and rupture (though it’s a 1% dps increase and only on single target so it’s not necessary unless you’re trying to minmax). you are also keeping up a debuff on the target called revealing strike, which is just like your regular sinister strike only that it applies an important debuff. it also has an ability called blade flurry which makes your attacks hit nearby targets, really useful for moments with many enemies. Outside of cooldowns, the damage is low and the energy regen is low. You’re mostly standing around. Then you pop killing spree and your damage goes through the roof for a short moment. Afterwards you use shadow blades with adrenaline rush and your damage spikes again. You now have effectively infinite energy (regens so fast you can’t use it all), generate twice as many combo points and do a lot more damage. Then they wear off and we’re back in slow town. combat is kind of a weird one in pvp because of the length of the cooldowns and how much you rely on them. It’s fun and you can absolutely wreck someone when they’re up but then they are down and you’re pretty much running around for a while. One cool thing though is that you can do an eight second stun with kidney shot (compared to 6 for other specs), which is extremely long.

    Subtlety is by far the most challenging spec in both pvp and pve. it’s my favourite because it is difficult, fast paced and bursty. in pve, you absolutely need to be standing behind the target to do damage (because ambush and backstab require you to be there) and you are juggling a bunch of buffs and debuffs just like before. this time it’s gone way overboard, you are monitoring rupture, hemorrhage, find weakness and slice and dice while keeping very close check on the cooldowns of shadow dance, vanish and preparation. the main idea of this spec is to keep “find weakness” up as much as possible. this makes you ignore all the target’s armour (50% in pvp) so you can see why it’s useful. this is the only spec that really relies on stealth (because your ambush applies find weakness) and being behind the target. in pvp it is very much a burst oriented spec, just like combat. the damage outside of find weakness is not very good. you can burst by getting a restealth (running away from combat and entering stealth again when combat drops) or by shadow dancing, which enables you to use all your stealth abilities in combat for 8 seconds. this is where the spec gets interesting, you can do a lot with this ability, stunning and silencing a whole group of people, sapping a druid that’s about to come help the monk you’re attacking or just spamming ambush on them until they fall over.

    at your level, the specs are more or less the same and it doesn’t matter much what you’re playing, so i’d pick the one of these 3 you think seems the most fun. there are weapon requirements for the specs. for assassination you absolutely always need to be using two daggers (note that mutilate requires two daggers). for combat you need to be using a slow weapon (a mace, sword, axe or fist weapon) with a slow speed like 2.6 in your main hand (the one you have a war knife of power in now). for subtlety you need to be using a dagger in your main hand. combat and subtlety are both okay with having whatever in the offhand (the one with a heartache dagger). they will continue to evolve as you level up and become more and more like what i described above. most rogues will suggest leveling as assassination or combat, but i often vouch for subtlety because learning to play the difficult spec means that learning the other two will be really easy. subtlety is also a great leveling spec if you get nightstalker – you can just run up to the mob and ambush them. this kills them with heirlooms (not sure how much damage you do without) and if it doesn’t, you can follow up with an eviscerate. if the damage you do without heirlooms is not good enough to kill them within these 2 attacks, i’d play assassination instead.

    Heirlooms can be acquired by different means. You can purchase them from several different kinds of currency.

    There are several vendors who sell Heirloom items for Justice Points.
    Justice Points is the ‘lower-tier currency’ of maximum level players, which is often used to quickly gear people up to the appropriate item-level to raid end-game content. However it can also be spent for several other things, such as buying Heirlooms!

    If you are a Horde, then you will be able to find a vendor, who sells Heirlooms for Justice Points, in Orgrimmar:

    In order to obtain Justice Points, you will have to do stuff like running through end-game Dungeons at maximum level (or very close to the maximum level).

    You can also purchase Heirlooms in exchange of ‘Darkmoon Prize Tickets’.
    These can be obtained during the Darkmoon Festival, which is open one full week every month (starting from the first Sunday of the month). – You can check your in-game calender, for a more exact time.

    This is the vendor that sells Heirlooms for ‘Darkmoon Prize Tickets’:

    There is also an outdated currency, which can be used to purchase Heirlooms with. The currency is called ‘Champion’s Seal’.
    This currency is obtainable at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown (in Northrend), through daily quests.
    It is essentially level 80 content you will find there, in which case most of the items are outdated, in which case hardly anyone bothers with them any more (if not for pets/mounts etc). However there is also a vendor there which sells (some) Heirloom items.
    The vendor can be found here:

    Some Heirlooms are available through guild-accomplishments, and if your guild has managed to do those ‘accomplishments’, then you might be able to buy Heirloom helmets, cloaks and pants for every class and spec, through the guild vendor.
    These heirlooms cost ‘gold’.
    The guild vendor (the Horde one that is) can be found here:

    In case you enjoy PvP. There are also some Heirloom items which can be purchased by Honor Points (which like the Justice Points, is the ‘lower-tier currency’, just for PvP gear).
    However, I would like to point out that these Heirlooms (unlike the others) got PvP stats such as ‘PvP resilience’. Those stats are completely worthless in a PvE environment, but don’t let this pull you off, as they can still be great items.
    This vendor (Horde one, since you seem to be Horde) can be found here:

    Lastly, I would like to say that some Heirlooms only grow up to level 80 (Heirlooms grow in power as you level up). Those Heirlooms however can be upgraded to level 85 for an additional fee.


  • Resolved an issue where the visual effect for Healing Rain was able to persist indefinately.


  • Guerrillas in our Midst: Resolved an issue where General Nazgrim can lose his quest giver status, preventing players from being able to complete the quest.
  • The Lesson of the Burning Scroll: Players now receive the Master’s Flame automatically upon accepting the quest.


  • All world bosses in Mists of Pandaria are no longer tap-to-faction. Players from both factions that engage the world boss at the same time are now eligible for loot.

    Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

  • Each World of Warcraft account can now create a maximum of 10 instances per hour (up from 5).

    Siege of Orgrimmar

  • Amalgam of Corruption’s Unleashed Anger can now reach players that are greater than 10 yards away.


  • Siege of Niuzao Temple: A Challenge Gong has been added, allowing players the option to trigger waves of attackers more quickly during the Commander Vo’jak encounter.
  • MMO-Champion has a really nice post about the alpha zones in Warlords of Draenor. Find it here.

    Warlords of Draenor Zones Preview

    Warlords of Draenor Zones Preview

    Wowhead has a great post about the new Tauren Male model in the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor. See it here.

    Warlords of Draenor Tauren Male model and animation

    Warlords of Draenor Tauren Male model and animation

    Get off Timeless and take a breath.

    If you haven’t already got a 90, Timeless may not be the best place to start.

    You’d rather get comfortable with your new character – take it on a shakedown cruise – here are some ideas.

    1. Pick up the Flight Point on Timeless.

    2. Fly to Shrine in Pandaria. Set your hearthstone there/,

    3. Pick up the initial quests from the Pandaria factions you will find downstairs. Feel free to start these if you like.

    I recommend the Tillers and the Golden Lotus – especially The Tillers – as convenient starting points.

    4. Upstairs in Shrine you will find portals to all the cities. You can go back to Stormwind or Org, and MAY BE ABLE to pick up the quest that sends you to Pandaria in the first place. EDIT: but the lead-in quest chain may not be there for you – see post below. If not, it’s probably faster to just start from Pandaria, in the Jade Forest. Playing through the Pandaria quests will net you a boatload of gold, and some gentle experience with your new class.

    5. Visit for information about your class and spec. will have a Pandaria guide for you as well, if you prefer your information in that form.

    6. At 90, you can easily solo Northrend Normal and Heroic dungeons for fun and profit. Since you start with only 150 gold, this and quests will do something for your bank balance.

    First of all, congratulations! You may have heard many players say the game starts at 90; while I don’t agree, it definitely changes at this point. The first thing you should ask yourself is what do you want to do next? Would you like to focus on co-operating with others to slay dragons? PvE, aka Players versus Environment might be your thing. Or would you rather go for PvP and interest yourself with player opponents?

    Small summary: What’s new?

    You may now compete in organized PvP through Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds.
    Scenarios are small, three man short instances which you do not need a tank or healer for. These are found on your dungeon finder window, under ”Scenarios” tab.
    You may run Heroic level dungeons and participate in raiding.
    There’s a huge amount of repeatable daily quests open for you.
    You may now purchase a riding licence to fly in Pandaria from any riding trainer for 2500 gold.

    The first thing I’d recommend you do is to enter the Arena of Annihilation -scenario. Take the quest offered inside the scenario, and complete it by defeating all the opponents in the scenario. You will be rewarded with a itemlevel (ilvl) 450 weapon.

    Acquiring PvP gear:

    The easiest way to get your character battle ready is to either craft yourself or buy from the Auction House a blue quality PvP starter set. The set includes pieces starting with ”Malevolent gladiator’s”; each class has their own set, so remember to chech the item for a small tag of ”Classes: your class” before buying! Unfortunately depending on your server’s economy, this set may be a bit too expensive for a new player. Don’t worry, while this set is good, it’s not required and you should be quite alright even without it.

    ”Honor gear”, aka gear set that is purchasable with honor points. If you are interested in WoW’s PvP side, there’s a good chance you have already done some random battlegrounds (BGs) on your journey to the level cap. This means you have already earned your first honor points! The level 90 battlegrounds work the same way as the leveling ones, but there are two new battlegrounds added: Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard mines. You earn honor points by playing all the battlegrounds, but you will get extra rewards for queuing for a random battleground or a Call to Arms battleground, which changes every 3-4 days. You may blacklist up to 2 BG you don’t want to play right now: these battlegrounds are removed from the list of random battlegrounds, unless it’s their Call to Arms turn, also sometimes referred as ”BG weekend”.

    Conquest points are used to purchase better PvP gear than honor, but there is a cap on how many you can earn each week (this depends on how much you’ve played and how far in the season we are; you may check your personal cap from the PvP window’s Conquest tab). These are also harder to earn than honor points. You are awarded 100 conquest points for first random or CtA battleground you complete each day; following victories will earn you 50 Cps.

    But to fill my weekly cap, I need almost 30 battleground victories?!

    Worry not, you may also try to find yourself a few friends and compete in 2vs2, 3vs3 and 5vs5 arena battles or Rated Battlegrounds (note: when people speak of RBGs, the mean rated, not random!) for Conquest points and arena rating, which gives you access to unique rewards. Be warned though, if you enter these with without proper gear and knowledge, you may face quite a challenge. But don’t be disheartened; everyone else was a new once, and most of them learned the game just fine :)

    So now I have some Conquest and Honor Points, where can I use them?

    The Horde PvP vendors are located on the wall between Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes. Alliance vendors are on the same wall between Valley of Eternal Blossoms and Townlong Steppes.
    First thing you should buy as a new PvPer is a PvP trinket that removes all sorts of crowd control from you, followed by a handslot item, as hands have a small PvP bonus to one of your spells. Next you should buy Shoulder, Chest, Legs or Headslot item, which ever is the biggest upgrade. At 2 and 4 pieces you will receive some good upgrades to some of you spells. Buy the weapons as soon as possible; they won’t be available immediately.

    I’m more of a PvE person. Where do I start?

    Before you do anything else, check your quest log for a strange, orange quest, “A stranger in a strange land”. If you don not have it, head to your Pandarian capital. Pick up this quest; it will start a very, very long chain of quests you can do while you gear up. It may seem too long at times, but the rewards are more than worth it. At the very end of the chain, you will get a Legendary quality (item level 608!!!) cloak.

    For PvE the fastest way is going to the Timeless Isle off the Jade forest coast (you will get a quest from your faction’s Pandarian capital when you get to 90 to enter the island). While killing monsters on the island you collect “Timeless coins” which you can use to buy weapons, a trinket or “armor caches” which you use to create a piece of armor suitable for your role. These armor caches also drop from various rare monsters and are found from chests on the island. The weapons are itemlevel (ilvl) 489 and the gear is ilvl 496. Sometimes you may also find a rare “Burden of Eternity” which used on the armor cache will instead make you an ilvl 535 gear piece! You should also look out for any groups doing ”Celestials”; they are a set of four bosses, of which you kill one. They are fairly easy but require a large group; the gear they drop is itemlevel 553.

    You also have choice of doing daily quests for various factions which then allow you to purchase gear with valor or justice points. Valor points are awarded for daily quests and from running random heroic dungeons and from all raids. Justice points are awarded from killing heroic dungeon bosses and from completing normal dungeons. The gear dropped from the heroic dungeons is ilvl 463 and from normal dungeons 450. You can use the Dungeon Journal to see which instances, bosses or raids drop the best loot for you.

    At 460 itemlevel you can enter the first Raid Finder raid. Usually you want to skip this, but if you are bored with the Timeless Isle or want to get to raids as soon as possible, feel free to queue. It is advisable to first enter Raid Finder as a DPS, since their role is usually less demanding. At 480 itemlevel you will want to start entering raids, as the gear they drop is now better tha the regular Timeless Isle gear. The first part you should enter is called ”Last Stand of the Zandalari”. If you don’t have a friend to go with, it is usually advisable to read a bit about the bosses before entering raidfinder. There are several video guides on YouTube (remember to chech the difficulty; Heroic and normal bosses often have mechanics LFR doesn’t) as well as fansites that have written guides.

    “Armor tiers” are sets of armor which come with each large raid content patch, know as tiers. Each class has their own set of 5 pieces which make up the tier; you get special bonuses for your specialization for having 2 and 4 pieces of this armor. These bonuses are often very strong. To buy a piece of tier armor, you need a token from a raid instance. When buying the tier piece, make sure your token matches the difficulty of the armor piece you are trying to buy. The normal, flexible, LFR and heroic all use the same names for the pieces, but there’s a small green text under the name to identify the right difficulty.

    I want to do other things than just LFR, how do I get a group? My guild isn’t doing anything…

    For new players, I suggest finding an active social raiding guild. Unlike more serious raiding guilds, they often accept people with less experience. Understand they might not be willing to take you to their main runs straight away; be active and try to get a spot on the ”Flexible” difficulty run. These runs fit 10-25 players, so they don’t have to cut anyone for you to fit. Having a microphone and the guild’s voice chat program of choice (usually ventrilo, teamspeak or mumble) is at least a big bonus, often even mandatory for guild runs.

    For PvP and PvE: I’ve got some gear now, but I’m still not as good as others, what can I do?

    Remember to use gems and enchants on your gear! You may buy them directly from other players, use the AH or if you have the right professions, craft them yourself. The bonuses these give may seem small, but combined they are very strong. If I didn’t gem and enchant my gear, the stat loss would be equal to not having chest, gloves and a trinket equipped! You can also reforge your gear for a small sum of gold: reforing means changing some of the secondary stats for another secondary stat, for example I have traded haste for crit rating, as it is a better stat for my spec.

    It’s also time to start reading about your class; check

    for guides on your class and spec. If you have a specific question, you can ask your class forum.

    Good luck and have fun on your journey in Azeroth!

    If you were a warrior you could go with a mail item with more strength (or in the case of your druid, cloth with more intellect) UNTIL you reach level 50. That’s when you get a passive 5% bonus to your primary stat, but only if you’re wearing the kind of armor that you’re supposed to.

    For example, if you wear only plate on a warrior, you’ll get a 5% bonus to strength, but only if you’re wearing only plate. If you have a few mail pieces, you won’t get that bonus.

    5% might not seem like much during the low and middle levels, but it makes quite a difference at max level.

    So; You could go with the non-intended armor if it has better stats, but only before you ding 50!

    Have you started legendary quest line?

    Dont know? Open your questlog and it will say: “Legendary” in the right side of the quest name: i.e:
    “[90] A test of valor Legendary”
    Yes? Go to next point and keep checking off the points
    No? Go to Shrine Of the sevenstars/Shrine of the two moons (pandaria main city) and at the balcony you will find an NPC who will give you a quest:
    “Stranger in a Strange Land” –
    Keep doing this chain till you get this quest:
    The Strength of One’s Foes –
    Trial of the Black Prince –

    Have you been done this quest?

    “A Flash of Bronze…” – (alliance link, but same optjectives+complete at this NPC for both sides)

    Have you been on timeless isle?

    Don’t know? if you been there? Shortly spoken about it before going into depth then you open your map and zoom in on “Pandaria” then right NEXT to “The Jade Forest” there is an island/isle called “Timeless isle” and if zoom on it.
    If you have discovered some of it, then you probably been there if not, then you haven’t been there.
    Even tho most of you probably know if you been there or not, there will always be SOME people.
    IF Yes: Have you picked up any “moss-covered chests” have you picked up? All/Most of them? Goto: “Not at 460 item level yet?”
    Or check this map:

    Run around and see if you missed any, if not hitting 460 by that goto “Not at 460 item level yet?”
    IF ONLY a few? Read “IF NO”
    IF No: Read below:
    When you just dinged 90 and goto the “new” main city you will automaticly accept a quest “A Flash of Bronze…” (alliance link, but same optjectives+complete at this NPC for both sides)
    When you done this quest and the following quests goto “Timeless isle Usage”
    New Main city location:
    (Located in “Vale Of Eternal Blossoms”)
    Ally: Shrine Of The seven stars
    Horde: Shrine of the two moons

    Timeless isle usage:

    When you first get to “Timeless Isle” you’ll be have a quest which is just a “Go talk to this dude quest”
    Keep doing those quests till you get this quest:

    When you get this quest, then you want to and loot all the “moss-covered chests” – Link with all the moss-covered chests on timeless isle – These chests can only be picked up once.
    In these chests you’ll have a chance to find a 496 epic – You simply right click it and BANG you have an epic – if lucky you’ll get 460 item level just by this.
    There is also “weekly” chests (I could not find a map with this) but, those are marked on the mini map with a blue chest.
    Killing rares have a chance to drop:

  • Lesser charm
  • Timeless coins
  • Chance for epic
  • Some of them might drop cosmetic items

    Valor Points:

    There is alot of way to obtain valor points, but cap at 1000 Points per week, there is alot of use in these even when you are geared.
    When you are doing Throne Of Thunder, wether it’s LFR/Normal you will be getting rep with Shado-Pan assault with this rep you can buy 522 items for valor points and the valor NPCs is located here: and that might help you to hit higher item level and getting better gear in general.
    But, once you are geared and valor is no longer provides any upgrades for you, you can spend them on upgrading your specs and that NPC is located in your Shrine around the reforge/Transmog NPCs and etc.

    Not at 460 item level yet? Have you tried this?
    There is a few things you can do if you haven’t hitted 460 item level yet:

    The most sneaky way I’ve heard about is, that you can have different recipes for your professions which will craft an item which will increase your item level.
    I.e – This blacksmithing pattern will craft you an 500 item level trinket – then your item level as if you had a 500 item level trinket equipped.
    Spending your valor? (Read more about this in “Valor points” section
    (haven’t tried my self so please tell if this is a lie)

    Killing rares on the Timeless Isle they have a chance to drop 496 epics.

    Daily Heroic Scenario – Gives you a chest after completing it.
    Require full group (3 people in total) and You may not get in to this, unless you have some guildies/Friends who wanna carry you here with your low item level

    Killing world boss (Go to “World boss’” if you wanna see their spawn location)

    Spending your coins? on those World boss’ – Goto “Reroll/Extra roll coins” for information on how to optain and how they work

    PvP is a way to get item level aswell, but some like do it this way some, may not nevertheless you need FULL PvE Gear later on in this guide.

    Going into standard heroics (dropping 463 gear)

    Using AH? There is alot of items which can help you here, some might be cheap some might be expensive – Remember to look at item level if you are going to buy some.

    Loot specialization:

    This is easy and simple explained if you right click your portraits you see the option: “Loot specialization” here you varous options like:
    Current spec:
    and your class 3/4 specs.
    You use this for determain what kind of gear you will be getting in LFR/HC Scenario/When spending a “Reroll/Extra roll coin” find this further down in the post if you dont know what the coins is or how to optain.

    Legendary quest line:

    This is almost a must when you go the PvE way – during this quest chain you will optain some legendarys:
    Legendary gem(500 main stat – Only useable in “Sha-touched” weapons they drop in HOF(Heart of Fear) and Terrance of Endless spring.
    A prismatic socket for weapon (Only useable in Throne of Thunder weapons)
    Epic cloak (Will be 1 of the best cloak later in your questing)
    Legendary cloak (600 item level)

    Finding a guide for you:

    There is alot of guides on the internet and I find them I THINK is most useful: – Browse your class and spec and PvE or PvP – There you will find your:
    Gemming – Enchants – Rotations – Spec – etc etc. – The same as noxxic, but sometimes I like this more, they might give you a reason
    i.e: Why this talent points and it’s trade-offs. – You will most likely need this later on, but these 2 dudes explain you tacs on all raid boss’ in all Pandaria raids. – For addons (Not explaning how to addons) you might have to try out some of your self – I will recommend you to download: Deadly boss mods – How to win at addons

    World bosses:

    There is various world boss’ in the game and they are weekly saved which means you can only get loot once from the world boss you are killing means:
    Either you get an item or you get gold.
    and can only be coined 1 time during the week.
    Their loot system is the same as in LFR which means:
    When you have killed a boss, server will automaticly roll on items for you which is useable for you to your Loot specialization determined(You will not see the actual item drops like in heroics/dungeons)
    The world boss’ are:

    Sha Of anger:
    483 item level pvp items
    496 item level tier items (Legs and hands) only

    Galleon/Salyis’s Warband
    496 item level PVE

    Nalak, The Storm Lord
    496 item level pvp items
    522 item level pve tier items (Legs and hands) only

    522 item level pve items

    The Celestial Challenge:
    522 item level pvp items
    553 item level pve items (Legs and hands) only
    Note: There is 4 different boss’ but all of them are in the same place and I only linked 1 of them, no need to link them all 4.

    Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol:
    559 item level pve items

    Standard Heroics:
    463 ilvl(item level) items

    LFR(Looking for raid)

    Some groups might be bad – Some might be good? But did you do your part? – If you dont know what to do.
    Level 90
    460 overall item level (Not equipped)
    LFR roll system:

    When you have killed a boss, server will automaticly roll on items for you which is useable for you to your Loot specialization determined(You will not see the actual item drops like in heroics/dungeons)
    Gearing up in LFR’s and items:

    MSV(Mogu’Shan Vaults): 2 LFRs
    Guardians of mogu’shan
    The Vault Of Mysteries
    476 ilvl(Item level) items

    HoF(Heart Of Fear): 2 LFRs
    The Dread Approach
    Nightmare of Shek’Zeer
    483 Ilvl(Item level) items

    TOES(Terrance Of Endless spring): 1 LFR
    Terrance of Endless Spring
    483 Ilvl(Item level) items

    TOT(Throne Of Thunder): 3 LFRs
    Last stand of zandalari
    Forgotten Depths
    Halls of Flesh-shaping
    Pinnacle of Storms
    502 Ilvl(Item level) items

    SoO(Siege Of Orgrimmar)
    Vale of Eternal Sorrows
    Gates of Retribution
    The Underhold
    528 Ilvl(Item level) items

    Reroll/Extra roll coins and how to get: (Max 20)
    How it works:
    You kill a boss and you’ll get an option of you want to spend a coin chance on getting (Only from the boss you just killed) an item (A personal roll) will either give you an item or gold.
    If you get an item it will be determined to your loot spec.
    Only 1 per boss.
    Can be used in:
    (Read further to see which coins and what boss/instances/raids/) they can be used on:

    Elder Charm of good fortune: Tier 14′s coins.
    Easy to optain
    Old content’s reroll/Extra roll is easier to optain then, current contents coins.
    Can ONLY Be used in/on MSV + HOF + TOES+Sha of Anger+Galleon+Standard Heroics

    500 JP(Justice points)Per Coin
    Rares on Isle of thunder have a chance to drop (Key to the palace of Lei shen) ( you pick it up and then you want to go to Taoshi ( who will start a weekly “Solo 5min timed-run” where you’ll be teleported to ToT and you have to run around pickup chests (some are hidden behind structures some up some wired places) but, be carefull on your way in there is spiders+Mobs and traps on the floor and statues who will try and crush you and annoy you as much as possible.
    The chests you loot can contain rep items + after doing a run you’ll get a burial trove key ( which can be used after done your timed run you’ll get ported to a room with alots of chests, when completing your quest you can go, open and it can contain ToT Raid Finder Epics + Mogu Rune Of Fate ( Will get to later what you can use these for.
    Video here on how the Key works + him doing the “timed-run” (Trademarkill) – His youtube
    I haven’t asked if I can use this, but I’m giving him credit (Will remove if it’s not okay)

    Mogu Rune Of Fate: Tier 15′s coins.
    Easy to optain
    Can ONLY Be used in/on: ToT+Oondasta+Nalak

    1000 Timeless coins per Mogu Rune Of Fate at Mistweaver Ai
    (read “Timeless Isle usage” how to optain)
    Key to the palace of Lei shen: –
    Read under Elder charm of good fortune for more info on how to get this

    Warforged Seal: Tier 16′s coins
    Only 3 coins PER week!
    Can ONLY Be used in/on: Siege Of Orgimmar+Celestial challenge+Ordos

    There is only ONE way to optain these coins and it’s by this quest:
    Where you need 50 Lesser charm of good fortune –
    Need lesser charm of good fortune?
    The best way at this moment is by picking up weekly chests on Timeless Isle and killing it rares
    (Read “How to get startet” how to timeless isle if you haven’t been there or read “Timeless usage” if you have been there)

    Beyond 510-535+ ilvl(item level)

    When you are around or higher then around this item level you might have to think in other lines like as you not be gearing as fast as you did earlier, if lucky on your drops etc. you might to this point within a day or 2, your options from here are.
    Joining a flexible raid or a normal raid and waiting for reset day.
    Throne Of Thunder normal – Drops 522 ilvl items
    Flexible Siege Of Orgimmar – Drops 540 ilvl items
    Normal Siege Of Orgimmar (Might have to wait to like 530+ item level before joining this)
    They might ask for achivements, they might ask for experiance and if you dont have any.
    Then your best bets are to be honest like:
    I don’t know what to do but I’ve seen tacs on
    I got into a group just by saying: “510 feral druid invite me” – Sometimes you get lucky, but I recommend you to watch fatboss guides or any other boss guides really and get Deadly Boss Mods(addon)

  • If you haven’t started it yet, begin with doing the quest line for the legendary cloak. It will take quite a while to complete it, but in the end it gives you a cloak with 608 item level.

    Make sure to kill one of the Celestial bosses on the Timeless Isle each week (you can kill more, but you’ll only get loot from the first). You will need a group for this. It’s the easiest to find groups on Wednesdays, since most people want to kill them immediately after the reset. They drop 553 item level PvE gear and 550 item level PvP gear. Make sure to bonus roll on those bosses using Warforged Seals that you get from the quest from the guy at the bottom of the Shrine.

    When you have the legendary cloak, you can also kill Ordos, a boss at the isle that drops 559 gear. Both the 553 and the 559 gear can be upgraded twice.

    Also do not forget to go to Siege of Orgrimmar each week.

    You can buy some 553 gear from the auction house, though it’s quite expensive so you’ll have to decide if you want to spend your money on it.

    More models are avaliable at MMO-Champion for Warlords of Draenor here. This time they are the models for weapons, shields and shoulder armors.

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Weapon, Shield and Shoulder Models

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Weapon, Shield and Shoulder Models

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models are up at MMO Champion. We are really fond of new leader models. What do you think?

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models

    Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Sea Pony

    This pet can be fished from the shores of Darkmoon Faire island during the World Event called Darkmoon Faire. The fishing of the pet does not depend on the location you are fishing or your fishing skill. It is totally random. Expect to fish for a medium-while.

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Sea Pony

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    This pet can be bought from Darahir in Dalaran sewers called The Underbelly for 40 golds.

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Pet: Ghostly Skull

    Achievement: What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

    Achievement: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

    What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta achievement is under World Events and worth 50 Achievement Points. To gain this meta achievement you need to finish the below achievements;

    Achievement: To Honor One’s Elders
    Achievement: Fool For Love
    Achievement: Noble Gardener
    Achievement: For The Children
    Achievement: The Flame Warden
    Achievement: Brewmaster
    Achievement: Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Achievement: Merrymaker

    After gaining this achievement Alexstrasza the Life-Binder will send you by in-game email; Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake that will teach you this mount.

    Extinguishing the Cataclysm achievement is under World Events > Midsummer category and worth 10 Achievement Points.

    To gain this achievement you will need to do Quest: Desecrate This Fire! in these locations;

    Ramkahen in Uldum
    Thundermar in Twilight Highlands

    Extinguishing the Cataclysm achievement is under World Events > Midsummer category and worth 10 Achievement Points.

    To gain this achievement you will need to do Quest: Desecrate This Fire! in these locations;

    Ramkahen in Uldum
    Bloodgulch in Twilight Highlands