Location: This quest takes place in Worgen Introduction Gilneas. Follow up on Quest: Onwards and Upwards.

Shortly: Krennan Aranas wants you to assasinate Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden.

How to: To do that take the potion that Krennan gives you and follow the road northwards. When you approach Tempest’s Reach use the potion. Warning! Mountain Mastiffs can see you. Never mind King Genn and Lord Godfrey in the first house and keep following the road and at the fork head west. On the top of the hill you will find Lord Walden. Wait till he gets out of the house and takes a walk outside. That’s when you can kill him easily. To find Baron Ashbury go back to fork and this time head east over the bridge. You will find Baron Ashbury up the hill. Again wait for the time when he is alone. After that you will lose the potion and you have to go back to King Genn by yoursel.

Rewards are 7 silvers, 1050 experience, 250 reputation with Gilneas, Lord Walden’s Top Hat and Blue-Bloodied Boots or Greymane Cloak.