Location: This quest takes place in Teldrassil. Follow up on Quest: Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn.

Shortly: Tarindrella at the Pools of Arlithrien wants you to kill the Bough of Corruption.

How to: Upon accepting you will recieve new powers. Travel directly to south and you will find Gnarlpine Hold (which is actually an open air place). Travel to the most southwestern corner of the hold and you will find the bough among many other mobs. But with your new powers you can’t be beaten. Just rush in, use Tidal Pull and auto-attack with T. Than use Starfall and Moonlight repeatedly. After the bough is dead, return to Tarindrella.

Rewards are 7 silvers, 1050 experience and Revitalizing Wristguards or Britches of Turning Fortune or Uncorrupted Hands or Durable Drape.