Although the World of Warcraft MMO has been around since 2004, it is still possible that you are a first timer trying to decide which class to choose, or maybe you have tried some of the classes and wondering what others are all about. Whatever the reason here are some heads-up about the post-Cataclysm classes.

Death Knight is a late comer class to the game. As a death knight you will find it easier to level up regardless of the skill tree you choose. Death knight is a melee class with high damage potential. In the high end gaming you will be competing with warriors in terms of equipment. Also you will be expected to do high damage in groups and raids. Get ready to have a dps addon loaded and constantly watch your damage per second. In pvp you will be a feared advisary and you will have weapons against all classes.

Druid is a jack-of-all-trades. As a druid it will feel like you are playing several classes at once. You can level up as a rogue, a tank or a healer. With different animal forms druids are sure fun to play an level-up. In the high end gaming you can assume several different roles. You can be a tank or a healer. You can also try to act as a damage dealer but in raids people will mosty likely expect you to heal. In pvp you will be pretty annoying and very hard to kill.

Hunter is easy to play. With pets doing most of the work as you level up you can mostly sit back and relax. But in till high gaming you need to learn to play your class for the optimum damage output. People will expect you to damage, damage and damage. In pvp you need some experience to hone your skills. Traps will help you a lot once you learn how to use them.

Mages are all about dealing damage. As a mage you might have some hard times during leveling up but once you reach your maximum you will be wanted in all raids and groups, especially if your damage output is really high.

As a paladin you are hard to kill and your damage is sufficient enough to have a good leveling period. In high end gaming people will ask you either to tank or heal. Sure you can also claim to do damage but this will be usable mostly in raids. Your buffs are also sought after. In pvp you are annoying, almost impossible to kill, you always find a way to get away.

One of the pillars of the game, along with the warrior. Everybody loves a priest. Especially someone who knows how to heal. As a priest you will level up as a shadow priest but as soon as you start to group or raid, people will 100% expect you to be the healer. Do not worry, you can always use your shadow skills in pvp. So learn to heal!

Playing a rogue is really fun. You are a cowboy and can hang out alone in even the most dangerous locations. You have high damage output and you know how to get away. As a rogue you should only fight if you have the advantage. This is for both leveling up and pvp. In groups and raids people will expect you to do high amounts of damage.

As a shaman you can melee, you can heal, you can do elemental damage and you can buff. Shamans are easy to level up. In high end gaming you are mostly expected to do damage. Sometimes if there are no healers around they may force you to heal too. In pvp you are fun to play.

As warlocks your pets are annoying and dangerous. You can do high damage curses. One might call you a “damage over time” class. Your main mission is to stay alive while your enemy withers away. In pvp you are a killer and respected. In raids and group people will expect you to do high damage.

One of the pillars of the game, along with the priest. Everybody loves a warrior who knows what he is doing. As a warrior you are doomed to tank! So you should learn the concepts of aggro and keeping aggro. You will level up as a fury warrior but in high end gaming your sole role will be to tank. Simple as that… You are a class that mostly relies on equipment and you will walk around with sets and weapons for pvp and tanking.