Location: This quest takes place in Bloodmyst Isle. Follow up on Quest: Kessel Run.

Shortly: Kessel on Kessel’s Crossing wants you to kill Lord Xiz at Wrathscale Lair and drive the Draenei Banner through his body.

How to: Head northeast from the quest-giver, pass the Bristlelimb Enclave and you will see the Lair which is actually a hill. A simpler way would be to travel from the shore. Lord Xiz as you might imagine is at the top of the hill. Do not forget to use the banner once you kill him.

Rewards are 6 silvers, 900 experience, 250 reputation with Exodar and Kessel’s Cinch Wrap or Kessel’s Sweat Stained Erekk Leash or Kessel’s Sturdy Riding Handle.