Quest: Tree's Company
Quest: Tree's Company

Location: This quest takes place in Azuremyst Isle. Follow up on Quest: I’ve Got A Plant.

Shortly: Admiral Odesyus at Odesyus’ Landing wants you to become a tree with the Tree Disguise Kit and observe the meeting between Geezle and the traitor.

How to: To do this quest travel west and pass the sea to the Silvermyst Isle. The point you are looking for is on the east shore of island, just at the middle. There is a Naga Flag where you should be using the kit. Oh, so the traitor is the gnome. Yeah, always blame it on the gnome! Racism! Watch the events unfold and return to Odesyus.
Note: If you somehow lose the disguise kit, you can get another one from Admiral Odesyus.

Rewards are 9 silvers, 240 experience, 500 reputation with Stormwind and 250 reputation with Exodar.