Location: This quest takes place in Darkshore. Follow up on Quest: Buzzbox 723.

Shortly: Buzzbox 723 on a hill cliff near Lor’danel wants you to gather 6 Samples of Foul Ichor.

How to: To find the samples you need look to east. This is the cliff you need to pass. Just go north, east and south following the edge of the cliff. You will find a path up. On the up of the hill you will find the waterfall, into where you need to enter. Inside you will find Grells and Corruptors. Kill them to loot the ichors. Than you will have to return to Wizbang Cranktoggle at Lor’danel.
NOTE: Though before you return also do these quests; One of the mobs will eventually drop a Corruptor’s Master Key which will start the Quest: Bearer of Good Fortune. In a cave room below you will find a Disgusting Workbench that will start the Quest: A Troubling Prescription. You can also get Quest: The Corruption’s Source from Tharnariun Treetender at the entrance of the cave.

The Rewards are 4 silvers, 250 reputation with Darnassus and Ichor Stained Vest or Befouled Staff or Rat Hair Vest.