Location: This quest takes place in Darkshore.

Shortly: Cerellean Whiteclaw in Lor’danel wants you to kill Anaya Dawnrunner and return her pendant.

How to: You will find Anaya in Bashal’Aran. To reach there, exit the town from the south and follow the road westwards. The road will turn south and in no time you will reach Bashal’Aran. (You can also talk to Nightsaber Rider to give you a ride.) When you go there you will see the quest-giver Arya Autumnlight. Climb the path next to her and run straight ahead. You will see a large hole. Anaya is on the other side.

The Rewards are 4 silvers, 250 reputation with Darnassus and Restless Leggings or Forlorn Shield.