Location: This quest takes place in Darkshore.

Shortly: Yalda in Ruins of Auberdine wants you to coax the spirits from Thundris Windweaver, Elissa Starbreeze, Taldan and Caylais Moonfeather.

How to: You will probably find Yalda during doing Quest: Against the Wind or Quest: Three Hammers to Break. Yalda is near the moonwell and is easy to see because of the light around her. Taldan’s corpse is on the ground floor of the Inn (next to the quest-giver). Caylais’ corpse is at the most southwest corner of ruins near the hippogryph corpses. Thundris’ corpse is in the big building on the most northwest corner of ruins. Corpse of Elissa is in the most eastern building.

The Reward is 250 reputation with Darnassus.