Location: This quest takes place in Darkshore. Follow up on Quest: An Ounce of Prevention.

Shortly: Kathrena Winterwisp at the Grove of the Ancients wants you to talk to Orseus, mount a hippogryph and protect from the air 8 Whitetail Deer, 8 Grizzled Thistle Bears and 8 Moonstalker Matriarchs / Sires.

How to: Another fun flying quest. Orseus is just near the hippogryph master. Talk to him to start flying. Basically all you have to do is click your power and than click somewhere on the ground. First you will fly over deers, than moonstalkers and finally bears. Try to hit 8 of them. If you can’t do not worry, you can have another go by talking to Orseus when the flying path is done.

The Rewards are 11 silvers.