Location: This quest is Druid only. This quest starts in Moonglade and takes place in Shadowfang Keep.

Shortly: Loganaar at Nighthaven in Moonglade wants you to go to Shadowfang Keep and obtain Walden’s Elixirs from Lord Walden, 5 bundles of Moontouched Wood and 5 Deathless Sinew.

How to: For a detailed guide on Shadowfang Keep please click here. Wood and Sinew can be obtained very close to the entrance (please see below map) but Lord Walden is the 4th boss in the dungeon so it is not very easy to reach him. To see how to reach him please check these 3 quests in order;
Quest: Sniffing Them Out
Quest: Armored to the Teeth
Quest: Fighting Tooth and Claw

Guide for Class Quest: The Circle's Future
Guide for Class Quest: The Circle's Future

Afterwards you need to report to Narianna at Nighthaven in Moonglade.

The Rewards are 20 reputation with Cenarion Circle and Staff of the Green Circle or Staff of the Verdant Circle.