Location: This quest takes place in Redridge Mountains. Follow up on Quest: Unspeakable Atrocities.

Shortly: John J.Keeshan at Camp Everstill wants you to free the Prisoners of War locked up in Render’s Valley.

How to: Head towards the most southeastern corner of the zone. Once close to orcs activate your Bravo Company Field Kit. Now use the Camouflage skill you just earned. Create Distraction if you need to… On the most southeaster corner you will find a cave. Enter it creating a Distraction and Chloroform the orc inside to pick up the Blackrock Holding Pen Key from the bag near him. Now exit the cave and head north. There you will find cages with people in it. Free them and click the quest-finisher text on your screen to finish this quest.

The Reward is 350 reputation with Stormwind.