Location: This quest takes place in Ashenvale. Follow up on Quest: Diabolical Plans.

Shortly: Vindicator Vedaar at Warsong Lumber Camp wants you to kill Gorgannon and Diathorus the Seeker, and loot their Gorgannon’s Flaming Blade and Seeker’s Fel Spear.

How to: Go southwest, pass the river and find a canyon entrance. Enter the canyon and follow it without climbing the hill on your left. You will come to a small clearing. Now look around and find the red lights. They show a path climbing up, follow that path. At the end you will find a cave. Enter the cave and when you come to a room with bridges that the bridge opposite of the way you came. You will find Diathorus the Seeker in the room. Now exit this cave. Remember the hill you did not climb? Go back to it, climb it and follow the path till you find Gorgannon.

The Rewards are 30 silvers, 350 reputation with Exodar and Band of Argas or Seal of Argas or Signet of Argas.