Quest: The Embalmer's Revenge
Quest: The Embalmer's Revenge

Location: This quest takes place in Duskwood. Follow up on Quest: Note to the Mayor.

Shortly: Lord Ello Ebonlocke in Darkshire wants you to kill Stitches.

How to: Wow! I think we might have been fooled. Just go out of the building and help the guards kill Stitches in the burning Darkshire. Do not worry, everything will be fine once you hand in the quest.
Note: As a funny note if you wait a while after killing Stitches, he will be back again. Also if you mount up and ride to Beggar’s Haunt you will still find Abercrombie here. If you do not hand in the quest, the town will be burning and useless for you for the rest of the game. Yay!

The Rewards are 45 silvers, 500 reputation with Stormwind and Ello’s Band or Stitches’ Stitchings or Sparkmetal Bracers.