Location: This quest takes place in Stonetalon Mountains. Follow up on Quest: Orders From High Command.

Shortly: Boog the “Gear Whisperer” at Windshear Mine wants you to ride the Krom’gar Hot Air Balloon and stop it from destroying Windshear Hold.

How to: The balloon is just at the opposite of the quest-giver. Click its ladder to get on it. Basically all you have to do is destroy the Balloon Power Coupling in the middle of the balloon as well as 3 Windshear Overseers in a limited time. Piece of cake… When you are parachuted down report to Lord Fallowmere at Windshear Hold.

The Rewards are 40 silvers, 350 reputation with Darnassus, 350 reputation with Gnomeregan and Commandeered Gloves or Stonetalon Defender’s Staff or Wand of Bought Time.