Location: This quest takes place in Stonetalon Mountains.

Shortly: Alice at Windshear Hold wants you to recover BD-816 War Apparatus, Mechanized Fire, Mechanized Ice and Mechanized Air.

How to: Go down into the crag. Climb the big machine in the middle to loot Mechanized Fire. Now go northeast from that machine to find a high platform on which Mechanized Ice sits. Now get into the lake next to the platform and swim north to find a path climbing up the hill. Follow this path to reach a really high platform overlooking the lake. When you reach here Quest: Gerenzo the Traitor will also start automatically. Follow this platform to the end to find BD-816 War Apparatus behind Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle. Now for the last part head back to Windshear Hold and instead of going up, go a bit south following the mountain line to find a small house. Inside you will find the Mechanized Air.

The Reward is 350 reputation with Darnassus.