Location: This quest takes place in Arathi Highlands. Follow up on Quest: Trelane’s Defenses.

Shortly: Apprentice Kryten at Stromgarde Keep wants you to enter the tower and find Trelane’s Phylactery, Trelane’s Orb and Trelane’s Ember Agate.

How to: Enter the tower next to the quest-giver. The first chest is on the 2nd floor, the second chest is 5th floor and the third chest in on the top floor. After the quest you need to return to Skuerto at Refuge Pointe. To find the pointe exit the keep and follow the road eastwards.

The Rewards are 45 silvers, 350 reputation with Ironforge and Highland Mace or Trelane’s Leggings or Belt of Refuge or Lightstep Boots or Craig’s Steel.