Location: This quest takes place in Arathi Highlands. Follow up on Quest: Myzrael’s Tale.

Shortly: Skuerto in Refuge Pointe wants you to kill Myzrael.

How to: Go east-northeast from the town, pass the Debyrie’s Farmstead to find the Shards of Myzrael. Use the Scroll of Myzrael given to you next to the shard. Myzrael is a level 30 elite and will summon level 30 non-elite adds. Depending on your class you can actually solo her around level 30. Just concentrate your damage on her and once she is dead, outrun the adds. Than come back and loot Eldritch Shackles from her. To finish the quest click the shard.

The Rewards are 50 silvers and Wrap of Open Menace or Eldritch Gloves or Earthbound Mantle or Shackling Gloves.