Location: This quest starts in Ironforge and finishes at Eastern Plaguelands.

Shortly: Hero’s Call Board wants you to report to Fiona at Thondroril River in Eastern Plaguelands.

How to: To reach Eastern Plaguelands start from Ironforge. If you do not have the flying points here is what you have to do. Exit to Dun Morogh and travel east to pass into Loch Modan. From here travel north and use the tunnels inside the mountains to pass into Wetlands. Keep traveling north to reach Arathi Highlands. From here turn west to zone into Hillsbrad Foothills. Exit from the northeast of this zone into Western Plaguelands. Find the road that cuts this zone horizontally in the middle. Follow it east to pass into Eastern Plaguelands. You can find Fiona on or near the road.

The Reward is none.