Location: This quest takes place in Desolace. Follow up on Quest: You’ll Know When You See It.

Shortly: Captain Pentigast at Nigel’s Point wants you to collect 100 Bleached Skulls from Thunder Axe Fortress and place them at the Burning Blade Summoning Circle then kill Nazargen.

How to: You will find skull mounds all around the fortress. When you gather 100, enter the big building and go into the center of it. Use the skulls here. Kill Nazargen who you just summoned. If not already, while doing this quest one of the burning blade will eventually drop a Burning Blade Ear that will start the Quest: Ears Are Burning.

The Rewards are 60 silvers and Grounding Choker or Ring of Vigorous Interruption or Skull-Scorched Cloak.