Get off Timeless and take a breath.

If you haven’t already got a 90, Timeless may not be the best place to start.

You’d rather get comfortable with your new character – take it on a shakedown cruise – here are some ideas.

1. Pick up the Flight Point on Timeless.

2. Fly to Shrine in Pandaria. Set your hearthstone there/,

3. Pick up the initial quests from the Pandaria factions you will find downstairs. Feel free to start these if you like.

I recommend the Tillers and the Golden Lotus – especially The Tillers – as convenient starting points.

4. Upstairs in Shrine you will find portals to all the cities. You can go back to Stormwind or Org, and MAY BE ABLE to pick up the quest that sends you to Pandaria in the first place. EDIT: but the lead-in quest chain may not be there for you – see post below. If not, it’s probably faster to just start from Pandaria, in the Jade Forest. Playing through the Pandaria quests will net you a boatload of gold, and some gentle experience with your new class.

5. Visit for information about your class and spec. will have a Pandaria guide for you as well, if you prefer your information in that form.

6. At 90, you can easily solo Northrend Normal and Heroic dungeons for fun and profit. Since you start with only 150 gold, this and quests will do something for your bank balance.