First of all, congratulations! You may have heard many players say the game starts at 90; while I don’t agree, it definitely changes at this point. The first thing you should ask yourself is what do you want to do next? Would you like to focus on co-operating with others to slay dragons? PvE, aka Players versus Environment might be your thing. Or would you rather go for PvP and interest yourself with player opponents?

Small summary: What’s new?

You may now compete in organized PvP through Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds.
Scenarios are small, three man short instances which you do not need a tank or healer for. These are found on your dungeon finder window, under ”Scenarios” tab.
You may run Heroic level dungeons and participate in raiding.
There’s a huge amount of repeatable daily quests open for you.
You may now purchase a riding licence to fly in Pandaria from any riding trainer for 2500 gold.

The first thing I’d recommend you do is to enter the Arena of Annihilation -scenario. Take the quest offered inside the scenario, and complete it by defeating all the opponents in the scenario. You will be rewarded with a itemlevel (ilvl) 450 weapon.

Acquiring PvP gear:

The easiest way to get your character battle ready is to either craft yourself or buy from the Auction House a blue quality PvP starter set. The set includes pieces starting with ”Malevolent gladiator’s”; each class has their own set, so remember to chech the item for a small tag of ”Classes: your class” before buying! Unfortunately depending on your server’s economy, this set may be a bit too expensive for a new player. Don’t worry, while this set is good, it’s not required and you should be quite alright even without it.

”Honor gear”, aka gear set that is purchasable with honor points. If you are interested in WoW’s PvP side, there’s a good chance you have already done some random battlegrounds (BGs) on your journey to the level cap. This means you have already earned your first honor points! The level 90 battlegrounds work the same way as the leveling ones, but there are two new battlegrounds added: Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard mines. You earn honor points by playing all the battlegrounds, but you will get extra rewards for queuing for a random battleground or a Call to Arms battleground, which changes every 3-4 days. You may blacklist up to 2 BG you don’t want to play right now: these battlegrounds are removed from the list of random battlegrounds, unless it’s their Call to Arms turn, also sometimes referred as ”BG weekend”.

Conquest points are used to purchase better PvP gear than honor, but there is a cap on how many you can earn each week (this depends on how much you’ve played and how far in the season we are; you may check your personal cap from the PvP window’s Conquest tab). These are also harder to earn than honor points. You are awarded 100 conquest points for first random or CtA battleground you complete each day; following victories will earn you 50 Cps.

But to fill my weekly cap, I need almost 30 battleground victories?!

Worry not, you may also try to find yourself a few friends and compete in 2vs2, 3vs3 and 5vs5 arena battles or Rated Battlegrounds (note: when people speak of RBGs, the mean rated, not random!) for Conquest points and arena rating, which gives you access to unique rewards. Be warned though, if you enter these with without proper gear and knowledge, you may face quite a challenge. But don’t be disheartened; everyone else was a new once, and most of them learned the game just fine 🙂

So now I have some Conquest and Honor Points, where can I use them?

The Horde PvP vendors are located on the wall between Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes. Alliance vendors are on the same wall between Valley of Eternal Blossoms and Townlong Steppes.
First thing you should buy as a new PvPer is a PvP trinket that removes all sorts of crowd control from you, followed by a handslot item, as hands have a small PvP bonus to one of your spells. Next you should buy Shoulder, Chest, Legs or Headslot item, which ever is the biggest upgrade. At 2 and 4 pieces you will receive some good upgrades to some of you spells. Buy the weapons as soon as possible; they won’t be available immediately.

I’m more of a PvE person. Where do I start?

Before you do anything else, check your quest log for a strange, orange quest, “A stranger in a strange land”. If you don not have it, head to your Pandarian capital. Pick up this quest; it will start a very, very long chain of quests you can do while you gear up. It may seem too long at times, but the rewards are more than worth it. At the very end of the chain, you will get a Legendary quality (item level 608!!!) cloak.

For PvE the fastest way is going to the Timeless Isle off the Jade forest coast (you will get a quest from your faction’s Pandarian capital when you get to 90 to enter the island). While killing monsters on the island you collect “Timeless coins” which you can use to buy weapons, a trinket or “armor caches” which you use to create a piece of armor suitable for your role. These armor caches also drop from various rare monsters and are found from chests on the island. The weapons are itemlevel (ilvl) 489 and the gear is ilvl 496. Sometimes you may also find a rare “Burden of Eternity” which used on the armor cache will instead make you an ilvl 535 gear piece! You should also look out for any groups doing ”Celestials”; they are a set of four bosses, of which you kill one. They are fairly easy but require a large group; the gear they drop is itemlevel 553.

You also have choice of doing daily quests for various factions which then allow you to purchase gear with valor or justice points. Valor points are awarded for daily quests and from running random heroic dungeons and from all raids. Justice points are awarded from killing heroic dungeon bosses and from completing normal dungeons. The gear dropped from the heroic dungeons is ilvl 463 and from normal dungeons 450. You can use the Dungeon Journal to see which instances, bosses or raids drop the best loot for you.

At 460 itemlevel you can enter the first Raid Finder raid. Usually you want to skip this, but if you are bored with the Timeless Isle or want to get to raids as soon as possible, feel free to queue. It is advisable to first enter Raid Finder as a DPS, since their role is usually less demanding. At 480 itemlevel you will want to start entering raids, as the gear they drop is now better tha the regular Timeless Isle gear. The first part you should enter is called ”Last Stand of the Zandalari”. If you don’t have a friend to go with, it is usually advisable to read a bit about the bosses before entering raidfinder. There are several video guides on YouTube (remember to chech the difficulty; Heroic and normal bosses often have mechanics LFR doesn’t) as well as fansites that have written guides.

“Armor tiers” are sets of armor which come with each large raid content patch, know as tiers. Each class has their own set of 5 pieces which make up the tier; you get special bonuses for your specialization for having 2 and 4 pieces of this armor. These bonuses are often very strong. To buy a piece of tier armor, you need a token from a raid instance. When buying the tier piece, make sure your token matches the difficulty of the armor piece you are trying to buy. The normal, flexible, LFR and heroic all use the same names for the pieces, but there’s a small green text under the name to identify the right difficulty.

I want to do other things than just LFR, how do I get a group? My guild isn’t doing anything…

For new players, I suggest finding an active social raiding guild. Unlike more serious raiding guilds, they often accept people with less experience. Understand they might not be willing to take you to their main runs straight away; be active and try to get a spot on the ”Flexible” difficulty run. These runs fit 10-25 players, so they don’t have to cut anyone for you to fit. Having a microphone and the guild’s voice chat program of choice (usually ventrilo, teamspeak or mumble) is at least a big bonus, often even mandatory for guild runs.

For PvP and PvE: I’ve got some gear now, but I’m still not as good as others, what can I do?

Remember to use gems and enchants on your gear! You may buy them directly from other players, use the AH or if you have the right professions, craft them yourself. The bonuses these give may seem small, but combined they are very strong. If I didn’t gem and enchant my gear, the stat loss would be equal to not having chest, gloves and a trinket equipped! You can also reforge your gear for a small sum of gold: reforing means changing some of the secondary stats for another secondary stat, for example I have traded haste for crit rating, as it is a better stat for my spec.

It’s also time to start reading about your class; check

for guides on your class and spec. If you have a specific question, you can ask your class forum.

Good luck and have fun on your journey in Azeroth!