-Darkmoon Zeppelin, Darkmoon Zeppelin, any mechanical
Turn 1 – Missile
Turn 2 – Decoy
Turn 3 – Missile until you are in 1-shot range then explode just before your fail-safe activates

Switch in the other zeppelin chain cast missile, if he has 1-turn left on Feed->cast decoy, when he reaches below 618 health or if your fail-safe is going to activate next turn, use explode. If he still isn’t dead by that point use the other mechanical to finish it off.

-Unborn Valkyr, Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius
use curse of doom then unholy ascension, rest is standard howl combo (geyser->whirlpool->swtich to chrominius->howl->surge of power)

-Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius
You don’t have to use duplicates for this one. Your spirit and chrominius should still have their %60 hp from last fight and chi-chi doesn’t hit that hard. But you can always heal your pets with yu’la, just to be sure.
geyser->whirlpool->switch in chrominius->howl->surge of power

-Mr.Bigglesworth and a pet with a hard hitting humanoid ability
Mr.Bigglesworth solos yu’la most of the time but keep a secondary or even a third humanoid just in case you get unlucky.
Claw->Ice Tomb->Ice Barrier->Pass Turn->Claw->Claw-> after that point use Ice tomb followed by Ice barrier whenever they are off cd and always pass the turn after you used Ice barrier.